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Customer Questions

Do you have your own warehouse and stocks to dispatch when someone buys the Product?

No we do not own the product or have ware house. We try to provide you the product information  from different supplier and keep it in one single place for your to review, compare and make decision.

Can you guarantee for the genuineness of the Product displayed in your website?

As we do not manufacture the product or stock the product our self, we cannot guarantee about the  genuineness. However we do the thorough research about the supplier and product before keeping the product for listing. We therefore encourage you to make your own research about the supplier and product before you make the actual research. We will definitely help you incase of any enquires required.

How can we track the product that we buy through your product display?

As we do not dispatch the product ourselves, it is not possible for us to provide you the tracking info. But to our best knowledge the seller will definitely provide you the tracking information. Alternatively you can ask the seller when you make the purchase. We can also help you communicate with the seller if required.

What is the Refund Policy? Do you do the refund of goods incase of faulty or wrong item?

As we don’t sell the product ourselves, we do not take responsibility for the refund. However in case of any query and issues, we can help and support you communicate with the supplier. We will help you in every means to get the issue get resolved. As we only promote the product on behalf of supplier, we don do the refund ourselves but will take all majors to provide you the help.

Do we need to create an account to buy the product?

No not necessarily you will need to create an account on our website. As the product displayed will re-direct you to the suppliers site when you click to purchase, you might need to create the account on their website where you are making the actual purchase. You might how ever choose to subscribe our website to get up-to date information on the latest and trending products.

Do you Only sell Baby Gears and Baby Product Only ?

We do not make the actual sales of any product, but we help you find the best baby product from around the world from different suppliers. We try to make in-depth reviews of several products through our different blog articles. On some sections we also provide you tips and tricks to keep your baby happy and healthy. Our focus is on Baby related Products only. Our articles will be around the baby and their parents. We try to make Parents life happy and easy by providing several useful information. But we again would make strong request, that you make your own decision and make self research before buying any product or following any suggestion.

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