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Which Pram/Stroller should I Buy ?

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Which Pram/Stroller should I Buy ?​

Every parents plan ahead and try to buy one sets of Stroller or Pram or both before your Baby is born. I did the same when we expected our baby (Aanya). You don’t want to take chance of being late or being without one of it when you really need to use it. Many of us will have  plenty of questions in our mind when it comes to buying. What Pram/Stroller should we buy? Which Brand to go for? The bigger one that has space for all our baby needs, The Portable one that has less space for other baby needs but can be moved around easily in narrow spaces, The Pram that folds compact and can be carried easily in CAR with lots of room for other stuff, The Pram with fours wheels that feels more stable or the one with three wheels that can be steered easily on narrow spaces. Every Pram/Stroller has it own pros and cons. Most important thing is you will need to know your needs first? Ary you going to use it every day? Will you be moving around your house and nearby parks and occasionally shopping malls or will you be travelling most far distance and will need to cary along in the car? Once you know your need, then you can match the pram/stroller that best fits your usability.

Here in this Article, I will be sharing My experience regarding the Pram/Stroller that We bought for our daughter Annya . How user-friendly it was and what we should have got to make our life little easier and few tips and suggestion based on our experience.

The Information below are completely my Choice and My Experience. Please make your own judgement to match your needs.

Buying a pram/Stroller isn’t just something to tick off your pre-baby to-do list. Here are some of the things that you must know before you invest on buying it , after all it will be your Child's first ride vehicle.​

Remember One thing, There is NO such thing as Absolute Perfect Pram/Stroller. It all depends upon your Needs and how often you will be using it.

Few key points to consider before even you make reference of any points that i will be discussing in this article.


  1. For shopping, you will need a stroller or pram that’s not too wide or bulky else you will have difficulty moving around in narrow spaces or in crowded area.
  2. If you’re going to do a lot of jogging or walking around with you kids then Stroller with bigger inflatable tyres will give your baby a comfortable ride and you won’t hassle a lot pushing it.
  3. If you’ll be traveling a lot using public transport then something light, small and easily foldable is going to be very necessary for you.
  4. If you’re going to walk in the park or over uneven surfaces, big wheels stroller or a pram is must , as it can roll over any rough surface and small bumps at ease.
  5. If you Travel a lot in your car and you most often need to carry your pram /stroller with you then functionality to fold into smallest compact size is must.

1. Make Sure it is Foldable

Pram or Stroller being able to fold is most in most scenario. Not only Folding makes it compact and easy for storage at your home but also makes you comfortable when you travel (either through public transport or your own private car). Being able to fold is not only the things to consider, but how easily you can fold and unfold is the must. Please check it yourself while you are in the store or if buying online ask someone who has already used the same brand. Yet again, being able to fold -unfold and with easy is not only the last point to check, you need to check after being folded how compact the pram or stroller can become so that it can fit on any small place. This is where we missed. we had a pram that would fold easily, but were never compact, it was bulky when in fold and would take up lots of space on our Car which was not convenient for us at all. So make a wise choice based on your needs and your usability.

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2. Not too Big to Accommodate Everything

Please remember that bigger isn’t always better. Definitely we will need bigger space to cary most of  baby stuffs when we we are out but does that mean it necessary will need to be in a Pram or a Stroller. If we need to carry essential that does not fit in the Pram or a Stroller then there is always an option to carry back pack style bags available in various size and design specifically made to cary baby needs items. If your Pram/Stroller is fairly small, it will be you who will be in comfort zone while traveling. It helps you move around at ease.


3. Having Big Wheels is an Advantage

A Baby jogger stroller can travel with greater speed as compared to normal strollers. The wheel design of this stroller is designed in such a way that it provides maximum stability. These wheels are made for walking and running on any surface. Filled with air, they’re built for speed so the baby stays happy and isn’t bumped around too much when moving around in the rough surface. The baby can fill a smooth ride. In addition, if you want to do emergency stopping, you can easily do because of the unique design of wheels. Agin the bigger wheel prams and stroller might not be portable or compact, please know your needs before you buy.

Image source: Alibaba

The above are just few most important things you need to know to make sure it full-fills your requirement. How ever there are lots of other factory that definitely needs to be consider before buying. Most important being Safety and please follow the minimum safety guidelines from your State Authority. There will be lots of other article that will cover pros and cons of different style and make such as three wheels vs four wheels, large wheels vs small wheels, capsule type vs open design, multiple foldable vs plain fold design, Pram vs joggler and many more. Please follow other blog article.

And Most Important Ask your self a Question

Please ask these Questions Yourself  Before Investing

  • Who will be using the Pram or the stroller?
  • Where will we be using the Pram/stroller the most?
  • What kind of weather will we be using it in?
  • What kind of storage space do we have for a stroller (in the house and car)?
  • How much weight can I handle?
  • Do we want one that you can fold up with one hand?
  • Do we want all those extra features, i.e. a place for drinks, storage basket, peekaboo window in the canopy, adjustable handlebar?
  • How long will we be using this stroller?
  • What’s our budget?
  • Are we planing to buy two different model for different needs?

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