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Three Wheels Stroller or Four Wheels Stroller?

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Three Wheels Stroller or Two Wheels Stroller ?  Which one to Buy ?

It is big and important decision to make when it comes to buying Strollers for your baby. Both strollers types have their pros and cons. Price wise, Design wise and Comfort and suitability wise, they both have their specific purpose. The ultimate choice will depend on what’s important to you and where you plan to use it.

A three-wheel stroller is generally considered versatile option when it comes to jogging, walking on parks and beaches as it can easily cope better on rough ground. It will keep baby comfortable state and give them a smooth ride. However, there are few downside. One of them being expensive compared to four wheelers and limited to few choices in design and price range.

On the other hand  four-wheel stroller offers stability and a bigger selection but might not be good option for rough surfaces.. Most of the four wheel stroller are more affordable, foldable, and are compact.

Some of the Major Differences in terms of Pros and Cons

1. Foldability and Portability:

Although Both Three wheelers and Four wheelers Stroller can be fold easily, usually three wheelers are bulky and occupy more space due to its design and big wheels. On the other hands, four wheels stroller are very compact and can be folded to lot smaller size. Easy to move around and space saving when it comes to storage.

2. Convenient on Carrying

Three wheel stroller due to its sturdy design, they are usually large and very heavy compared to four wheel stroller. Being heavier and bulky in size, it is often found three wheels stroller less convenient when it comes to carrying and moving around. Most of the Four wheels stroller on the other hand are ultra light and more compact when folded. It takes less space on storage and being light weight, it can be easily carried when not in using even when outside with kids. Some four-wheel strollers are so compact you can fold them up and fit them in a backpack.

3. Manoeuvrability

A three-wheel stroller generally has greater manoeuvrability, and need much less space during turning directions and can make quick turns easily in small space with stability.

Despite its reputation for being more “sporty”, this feature makes a three-wheel stroller a great option for those frequenting cafes, the mall, supermarket or any other urban setting.

So, Which to choose ? Three Wheel Stroller or Four Wheel Stroller ?

One should Ask the following question to yourself before deciding:

  • Do I want to be able to jog or run with my stroller?
  • Do I want to take my stroller on the beach, in the Grass in a Park or Gravel pathways?
  • Do I want a stroller that’s easy to push through a café, busy mall or footpath?
  • Do I want everyone (Mum, Dad and grandparents) to be able to push the stroller easily?
  • Do I use stroller most of the time on the ground and less often carry around in car?
  • Does my car has large enough trunk to easily fit the Stroller to carry around?

If you’re answering yes, a three-wheel stroller might be the one for you!

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