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Infrared Body Temperature Thermometer – Does it Worth Using?

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Infrared Body Temperature Thermometer – Does it Worth Using?

Before we decide worthiness we need know the fact that are these  infrared thermometers accurate for body temperature? If yes then why do we need electronic thermometers.

Both electronic thermometers (rectal, oral, axillary sites) and infrared thermometers (forehead and tympanic membrane) accurately measure body temperature, although variability is greatest with the tympanic thermometer.

Infrared Thermometer

It uses infrared technology to detect the temperature of the  your baby’s forehead. For newborn or  infants younger than 3 months, electronic digital thermometers have been acclaimed as the most accurate. It is however very inconvenient to use with small one therefore we prefer Infrared Thermometer over any other type.

It is believed that Radiations are often harmful to human beings as they can cause irritation and a burning sensation in the skin. Infrared radiation is a part of the electromagnetic wave spectrum technology used in Infrared Thermometer. However, the best infrared thermometer contains almost no radiation and therefore safe to use. It only absorbs the IR and measures it but doesn’t consist of the component in itself. No to misunderstand with Laser IR Thermometers, they are different, and they can be risky.

Because of the below few Advantages, I think it is worth using or buying Infrared Thermometer.

  1. Temperature can be taken quickly without disturbing the sleeping baby.
  2. Most child are very irritated when we disturb their of sitting or sleeping position and at these times, Infrared Thermometer comes handy.
  3. There can be no better tools when we need to take temperature more frequently due to some unseen reason.
  4. Since the temperature is taken via contact less technology, it is always safe from any contamination.

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